Light Curable Coatings
140 Sheldon Road
Berea, OH 44017

Let’s Discuss How Clean Coating Technology Can Provide A Custom Solution For Your Coating Needs


             High Performance Clean Coating Solutions

We Provide Environmentally Friendly Corrosion-Resistant Solvent-Free Coatings That Cure Immediately Under Appropriate UV Lamps

Current High Performance Coatings From Other Companies Contain Hazardous Components And Require Long Cure

Times Before Painted Items Can Be Used

Our UV Coatings Are Clean And Green With No Solvents, No VOCs, No HAPs, No Chrome, No Isocyanates, And No Toxics Release Inventory Components

Our UV Light Curable Coatings Provide Advantages Of Efficiency And Economy, With Cure In Seconds And Improved Performance With Much Less Material Usage

Use Our Products To Save Time, Save Money, Save Energy, And Help To Save The Earth

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